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Episode 251 “Spunk Road”

Things go off the rail early on this sexy prime episode of Lost At Home Podcast that’s more intro segment than it is show. After numerous asides to start things off, Rapid Fire brings us dinked toys, an anus hotel, a drunk Dublin mayor, the Uncanny Valley, flying dogs and Jesus saving the death penalty. Finally Web Droppings gives us a sort-of-but-not-really cat fight. Get Lost!

LAH Classics “Episode 6″

Jer lost his voice and is out sick this week, but that doesn't mean Lost At Home is going to leave you high and dry. No, the boys always aim to leave you low and wet, so this week they're pulling from the archives. This time it's episode 6, which is played as tribute to a good friend of the show, Oreo the raccoon, and to offer our condolences to Sally Bent, who appears as the very first interview Scott and Jer ever conducted on Lost At Home Podcast. RIP Oreo.

Episode 250 “The Big 250 Telethon!!!”


We made it! Lost At Home turns 250! On this very special episode, Scott and Jer beg for money, PBS style, but instead of tote bags, you get the most special episode ever. Exclusive interviews, unseen movie trailers, new sponsors, Hall & Oates, call-ins, Santa Claus...everything is on the table. On top of all that, we finally get to find out what happened to Bruce Bruce and Jason Jr. And is that Al Pacino in the audience? And is that Darren Ewing I hear? OH MY GOD!!!! Get Lost.

Episode 249 “Delta Burke Air”

Lost At Home starts the show again with a Rapid Fire segment, bringing you ketchup caviar, rubber sausages, Jenny McCarthy’s death toll, dwarf tossing and Chuck Norris. Then Scott and Jer bring back an almost forgotten old segment, AAA, and talk about a “snotty” little startup (*chuckles*). In Web Droppings proper, how many times must one man get bitten on his penis before saying “g’day” to public toilets? And whatever happened to Delta Burke? Tune in and get smarter, or at least Get Lost!

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