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Episode 256 “Schrödinger’s Fetus”

Rapid Fire starts this episode off with nuggets about beer that can develop film, a tween that develops nuclear fusion, Danny Trejo’s new role, offensive Russian perfumes, boner energy drinks and a man gets sentenced to years without Pepsi. In Web Droppings, Uri Geller will stop Brexit, an orangutan gets an unwanted flight, lemonade stands might be legal in Texas and headless goat polo is a thing. Get Lost!

Episode 255 “Alligator Rave”

Lost At Home gets sort of political in their Politif*cks segment, where mandatory gun purchases, semen reporting and Trump safe spaces take center stage. In Web Droppings, alligators get to party, ancient ram semen is still potent and the mystery pooper hits broadway. Get Lost!

Episode 254 “Deep Dish Boners”

Rapid fire this week brings to the table mayoral goats, whale collisions, racist cars, Nebraska’s tough stance on slavery, Philadelphia party cemeteries and fried chicken accessories. In Web Droppings, a man tries to cure a haunting with fire before Scott and Jer dig into the Florida Man scoring system, covering a myriad of stories and a brilliant new Florida Man story ranking method. All this before Scott and Jer devolve into terrible (completely wrong) Chicago accents and attempt to do impressions of Mike and Kyle from one of their favorite podcasts, MAKTAC. Get Lost!

Episode 253 “God’s Little Fleshlights”

Scott and Jer get pretty offensive this week going off on tangents while talking about Florida banning banning plastic straws, the Brazilian president’s golden shower Tweet, the Indian army mistaking planets for drones, a dead, small-dicked billionaire, legal sex outside of marriage in Utah, hipster science and special donuts. There really aren't enough trigger warnings in the world to prepare you for some of what is discussed. It's been a good run. Get Lost!

Episode 252 “Kraft Singles: Get in the Hull!”

Scott and Jer get experimental with a couple of new segments, starting with a rapid fire political segment covering a legislator who wants to starve the smarts into children, another legislator that thinks controlling climate change will kill his vegetables and a dead mayor that managed to come in a relatively close 2nd in his recent election. In Sportsy Chat, Scott and Jer step out of their comfort zone to talk sports, namely competitive light sabering and Olympic breakdancing. Finally, in Web Droppings, a burger chain serves fake cocaine, Pablo Escobar’s hippos are out of control, anti-vaxxers outdumb themselves and a man attempts to kill his wife with a snake bite by proxy. Get Lost!

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