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Episode 259 “Halfway to Halloween”

It's (about) the halfway point to Halloween, so Lost At Home ratchets up the creepy with a series of spooky, gross and downright strange news droppings. Alligator-eating giant sea bugs, bees that feed off tears, too many tarantulas, preserved haunted human tissue and a global search for witch bottles. Get Lost! 

Episode 258 “True Weird”

Sex outside marriage is finally legal in Utah. A man loses weight by only drinking beer. Mother nature doles out proper justice for poachers. Space Jam 2 runs into casting problems. Angry White Male Studies is a real college course. You can do yoga with lemurs and it won’t make you gay. And Texas wants the death penalty for women who have an abortion. And Buzz Aldrin’s shit is still on the moon. Get Lost!

Episode 257 “C.H.A.D.”

It’s the second Prime Quadruplet episode, which has no impact on the show. But Scott and Jer do a not-so-rapid Rapid Fire to chat about Grindr’s security risk status, a fix for climate change, mosquitos’ hate for EDM, beer fights, Alex Jones and a hit to the Kentucky beastiality industry. In Web Droppings, a Garfield phone mystery is solved, an ingenious plan to make money from cold calls emerges, the transgender community plots a new species and discrimination by exorcism is a thing...at a Hampton in Kentucky anyway. Get Lost!

LAH Classics “Episode 108″

This week we celebrate a friend of the show and film (and horror) legend we recently lost. Larry Cohen brought us amazing movies for decades, all of which were truly unique and always carried important social messages that resonate to this day. We were fortunate enough to interview Larry in 2016 and were blown away with his stories about brainstorming with Hitchcock and what it feels like to have John Wayne throw your script into the ocean. Enjoy this episode from the vault. If you want to know more about Larry, the documentary King Cohen is currently on Shudder and comes highly recommended. We will be back with a standard show next week.

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