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Lost At Home Gumbo #1

Scott and Jeremiah are busy at work on episode 300 and were unable to schedule a proper prep and recording session for episode 275 so rather than haphazardly tossing a show together without proper story prep, Lost At Home has tossed together odds and ends of produced content over the years. Come back next week for a proper episode 275 but in the meantime, enjoy the gumbo and get Lost!

Episode 274 “Concentration Amusement Park”

What’s on the Lost At Home menu today? There’s something dirtier than Phish fans at an upcoming show in Colorado that puts a damper on the camping situation. A Florida man botches a dark web castration. A German town is offering a lot of money for proof of its non-existence. A family fun swastika ride gets a redesign. Avocado hand is a thing and so is “incelwave” music (and it is awful). Get Lost!

Episode 273 “EATR”

Robots that fuel themselves on humans. Deep fake debunking mice. Actual boners. A lying pervert cab driver. Candy that tastes like zombies. Get Lost!

Episode 272 “Faygo and Knives”

A clown brawl, an all-female village, radioactive piss and a Saudi megacity. All this and very little else this week on Lost At Home Podcast. Get Lost!

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