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Episode 317 ”Halloween Soft Launch For Lupus”

The Crypt Keeper pops by this week to see what the guys are up to. We also learn a little about horrors from around the globe, we get some inside scoops from Jamie Lee Curtis, Jer ponders if Kenny Loggins is dead or alive, and we end the show with a Sonic Jalopy original Utah Dracula. Get Lost and get ready for Halloween month coming next week!

Episode 316 ”Woke Coke”

From woke coke to lockpick dicks we've got you covered with this blast from the past recorded in August! Better late than never! Get Lost!

Episode 315 ”It‘s Like YouTube For Your Ears”

Recorded midsummer and still as fresh as the day it was made, we bring you the return of the Lost At Home Podcast!! This week we bring you cat-fishing Pedos on Tik Tok, Playing with our latest obsession Uberduck.com, and yet another thing you shouldn't put in your butt! Get Lost!

Episode 314 ”Ball Gags, Excuses, and Recycled Content”

We needed a true explanation for our long summer break as well as an explanation of the next two (previously recorded) episodes that will drop this week after this one. This is what you get. Get Lost!

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