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Episode 234 “Am I Pretty?”

It's Halloween Month Week 2 and the evil spirits of technology get in the way of our scheduled interview with Lloyd Kaufman...or perhaps it was Patrick Leahy or net neutrality hating Internet companies, but either way Scott and Jer are left without a guest this week and instead riff on invisible germ clouds and ghosts that plant drugs on people. They also start a new segment that will continued on their Patreon page called “Horror Around the Globe.” First up is the Slit-Mouthed Woman of Japan. And don’t worry, we’ll be getting Lloyd back so stay tuned and get Lost!


Episode 233 “The Possession of Mr. Softee”

It’s the first official Halloween Week at Lost At Home and Scott and Jer are bringing all sorts of creepy, crawly stories to the table. First off, a series of negative reviews for the original Halloween movie from 1978. Then, in Spider Web Droppings, there are celebrity witches, a wolfman in the woods, casket contests and trees sprouting from human remains. And Bruce Bruce and Jason Jr. get lost down under in America and share their adventures after a quick discussion about creepy songs invading the world, from Ipswich to NYC. Get Lost!


Episode 232 “The One With Jason Moulton”


Lost At Home is posting early this week to jump on some rather big (and bittersweet) news from Jason Moulton, founder of Moulton Conventions, which brings us VT Comic Con. Jason phones in to the pod and drops some news, names and gives some previews of his future plans. Get Lost!


Episode 231 “Juggalo Week 2018″


Lost At Home is back with another Juggalo Week, rounding up the Juggalo news you may have missed. There has been no shortage of news this past year and it would be a shame if all the Juggalo goodness got lost through the cracks. Scott and Jer cover updates on ICP’s ongoing battle with the gang label, a torrent-heavy Valentine’s Day show, Faygo restrictions and how Juggalo face paint can beat facial recognition software. And as usual, new content is brainstormed all along the way. Get Lost!


Episode 230 “Orgy Olympics”


A former olympian comes home to surprise orgy and a man with a fake dick was charged for sex crimes. The stories in Web Droppings are few this week but it’s all about the quality, not quantity. To start the show though, Mr. J Moulton, creator of Vermont Comic Con calls in to chat about what we can expect for the 2018 edition of the con. And our good friend Ed Gein stops by to talk about Bambox. Get Lost!


Episode 229 “The One With Mark Steger II”


Mark Steger calls in to Lost At Home Podcast this week as one of our very few returning guests.  You may remember Mark from two years ago when we talked about his role as The Demogorgon on Stranger Things. This time around we chat about his role in the newest Conjuring movie, "The Nun," his role as Bigfoot opposite Sam Elliot in "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot," working on the new Guillermo Del Toro produced Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, as well as his personal work as a physical artist and the time he made a music video for Jared Leto in the coolest location in California! Get Lost!


Episode 228 “DolphIncel”


Scott and Jer dig try out a new rapid-fire segment to start the show with news tidbits that are interesting but didn’t make the full cut for Web Droppings. Then Lost At Home moves into some updates on old stories involving sexed up dolphins and sex doll brothels. In Web Droppings, a Chinese couple doesn’t know how to bang right, a former NFL player wants to keep his dead dad’s head and a Nascar driver is punished for dumb $#*t his dad said before he was born. Have fun and Get Lost!


Episode 227 “The Mother Claus”


Naughty America wants to get into the deepfake business, a man has a spectrally spectacular idea to get his ex-fiancee back, a woman breaks off an engagement for totally legitimate reasons and a North Carolina town has Bigfoot written all over it. Also Scott and Jer spend an obscene amount of time brainstorming a new Santa Claus movie. Get Lost!


Episode 226 “Opera Fight”


Scott and Jer play it loose with some updates on last week’s ghost sex update and celebrate a host of new sponsors to the show. Also, Scott digs deeper into hail facts before Web Droppings proper kicks in with cemetery theaters, opera fights and drunk wasps! Also, friends of the show Santa and Classico Domingo call in to give their thoughts. Get Lost!


Episode 225 “Halloween in August”


It’s Halloween in August, so you know what that means! You don’t. Neither does Lost At Home Podcast, but Scott and Jer make it up as they go and tackle the stories that go bump in the night like: a woman pregnant with a ghost baby, a mysterious canadian cryptic creature, a dog that causes a man to lose all his limbs (beat that, Cujo), a new dangerous epidemic and the deadly power of hail! Get Lost!


Episode 224 “Uber Confessions”


Bigfoot porn heats up the Virginia congressional race, vomit fraud hits Uber customers and BBQ's and orgies aren't always the same thing. That's just a taste of what Lost At Home Podcast has this week. Also, to celebrate the seven Robin Hood movies in development, Scott tests Jer with an impossible guessing game. Get Lost!


Episode 223 “A Nightmare on 9/11″


Before Web Droppings proper, Scott and Jer dig into the origins of the My Pillow guy. Who says crack and pillows don't mix? Has anyone ever said that before? No? Well we are saying it, and then we are debunking it!

In Web Droppings, the Lost At Home boys revisit the evil sarcophagus from last week, learn that cats have accents, and what they sound like, pick on Jenny McCarthy a little bit and discover that dildos + bulls = art. Get Lost!