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Episode 206 “Super Monster Wolves”


There’s a lot to talk about this week before Scott and Jer take a couple weeks off from delivering timely news and replace it with some pre-recorded content. So what "news" is important enough to make the cut? Missouri prohibition, cackling Alexa, Katy Perry killed a nun and liked it, boar fighting robot wolves in Japan, terrible GoFundMe ideas and unrealistic Oscar-winning fish beastiality. That’s it. Get Lost.


Episode 205 “In the Year 2525″


Coming to you from the past, Scott and Jer are ready to take you to the future as Lost At Home gets lost in the year 2525. With a focus on futurology, the boys dig into stories about a man from the year 6000, social workplace robots and uncover why we will someday be bowing down to crayfish overlords. They also take a real shallow look at deepfakes, so take a ride to the future and get Lost!


Episode 204 “10% of Americans…”


Scott and Jer start with a legislative follow up to let you know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going: to thoughts and prayers and banning porn. In Web Droppings 2.0, Facebook gets creepy, a mom and son sex ring has trouble staying under the radar, Putin asks citizens to name Russian Nukes (Boaty McBoatface?) a woman tries to poison her doppelganger and some surveys uncover how dumb some Americans are. What kind of wacky ideas will the gents from Lost At Home come up with given all that fodder? Tune in to find out and get Lost!


Episode 203 “DilDominos Delivers”


What kind of ideas will Scott and Jer come up with given topics like unmanned soldiers, social engineering on Netflix, inept legislators, Mountain Dew and vibrators that order pizza? Find out over the course of the next hour and Get Lost!


Episode 202 “Rango Unchained”


It’s a little bit of a format shakeup post-200 as Scott and Jer try something new, yet the same. Lost At Home still has the news that fell through the cracks, like zombie deer, vaginal wasp treatments, Iranian lizard spies and Andrew W.K., but now they have a goal: by the time the stories are done, come out the other end with some kind of movie/book/TV/song idea...so essentially it’s exactly the same show. Get Lost!


Episode 201 “The One With Eli Craig”

201.jpgEli Craig, the genius behind Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil and Little Evil, phones in to get his brain picked by Scott and Jer. From Ghostbusters to Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 2, we dig into the recesses of the mind of the horror-comedy writer/director. A lot of great horror geekness follows, so Get Lost!


Episode 200 “Bicentennial”

200.jpgWe did it! We hit our bicentennial and boy howdy do we here at Lost At Home have a mediocre celebration planned! Scott and Jer pull some oldies from the vault, including the first ever aired pre-Scott episode and Scott's very FIRST episode ever (and the name change to Lost At Home). You won't learn anything new here but strap on on your history strapon and get ready to catch Plow Fever with the crew. Get Lost!


Episode 199.5 “The Lazy Non-episode Copout”

199_5.jpgEvery podcast does it eventually: the dreaded .5 episode, which translates to "we didn't get our s#$t together and couldn't record a normal episode, so have this trash instead." Luckily, Scott and Jer were able to pull some good stuff out of the trash for you all as they complete work on episode 200. So enjoy Meet the Northrups episodes 3 and 4 and get Lost!


Episode 199 “Human Traffic Jam”

199.jpgLost At Home Podcast is about to hit episode 200, but before it does Scott and Jer get up to some monkey business in a primate-themed Web Droppings. What do monkeys have to do with prostitution, Chris Brown, catapults and herpes? Listen in and find out. To round out the show, some tech updates include drinking and droning in New Jersey and robot strippers. And last but not least, our good friends MIDWAVE have a new album out and we have the pleasure of airing a new track to end the show. Get Lost!


Episode 198 “Lightening the Load”

198.jpgTo start this week off at Lost At Home, Scott and Jer offer an update to their predictions, this one care of Von Braun as it relates to space! In Web Droppings, learn how to spam a spammer, take a visit to Mike Tyson’s weed ranch, 3D print your death, plug in to a telepathic computer and whiten your penis. It’s time to Get Lost!


Episode 197 “Gay Baker vs. Straight Baker”

197.jpgHappy 2018, we’re all going to die! Scott and Jer start off with some bleak Nostradamus predictions for 2018 before setting your minds at ease by pointing out how bad some predictions can be by revisiting some grossly inaccurate predictions from years’ past. In Web Droppings, New Zealanders build a sand bar, people keep uploading Hamilton to Pornhub and the Nigerian prince is actually from Louisiana. Get Lost!


LAH Classics “Episode 150″

classic.jpgJer is so sick of the holidays that he actually got sick for the holiday, so this week Lost At Home pulls one from the vault from nearly 50 episodes ago to give you all a sneak peek/reminder of what kind of special fun is to come for our next special episode, 200. Enjoy this blast from the past when Scott and Jer were 40-something episodes younger. Get Lost!