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Episode 121 “Oregon Fail”

June 24, 2016

Jer has dysentery and Scott drowned while attempting to caulk the wagon and float across the river. As such, Oregon draws the ire of the Lost At Home Podcast this week; we'll discover together that the first viagra scammer was from Oregon, that it’s illegal to walk down a sidewalk and knock a snake’s head off with your cane in some towns and how to tip a prostitute with spare change and monkeys.

First though, in Web Droppings, vegetables and animals predict sports, Australian teens are picking up smoking for clever and evil reasons, there is a land of evil apes in China and cat wine exists so your cat can be drunk before it eats your eyes after you inevitably die alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Also, why the fascination with diarrhea Arizona? And is there a leprechaun problem in Utah? Get lost and find out!