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Episode 41 “Channing Tatum’s Dick”

November 19, 2014


Everyone wants to be a famous actor, but there are certain parts of the job you don't think about when dreaming of fame and fortune...like nearly getting your dick burned off. After some discussion about those Hollywood troubles, we step into the world of another Hollywood-ish-sorta "star," Kirk Cameron. He's trying to save Christmas! And he has a prolapsed anus—that second part is hearsay, and possibly heresy. Of course there are also the classic Web Droppings, which this week consist of Satanist coloring books and their tag team victory with the Constitution over Christians (sorry Kirk), psychologically disturbed sandwiches that learn to write, a cocaine-loving priest, ironic flight simulator deaths and, of course, Jesus finally learns to reach Americans by showing up where they'll actually pay attention—in their fried chicken. Take that church!