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Episode 53 “Everyday Idiots”

February 12, 2015


There are idiots all around us. Let's face even, even we can be the dunce in the room from time to time. But some truly take idiocy to a higher level. This week we touch on a few. For instance, did you know there's a difference between Latin and Latin America? How about anti-vaxxer children's books teaching the joy--yes, joy--of getting those adorable red spots called measles to show off to all your friends.
What else got lost this week? Masked Kiwis creeping in the woods, a man with an orgasm limit, chocolate assholes, freestyle pooping, sexually transmitted demons, a new surprise segment and Bruce Bruce joins us for the first time since before the holidays. We also have another Sonic Jalopy produced 5-star review to go out on--strange, funny and a little f'd up. Gather 'round and get lost at home with us!