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Episode 77 “Corpse Factory Tour”


What do vintage sharks, 55 gallons of lube and World War I propaganda have in common? They all fell out of Scott's Google Hole. Hasn't the U.S. had enough racism? A restaurant in South Carolina says, "No. No we have not."

And is there anything good about Idaho? Nope. "But what about their potatoes," you ask? F*#k those stupid potatoes. Let's hate 'em together on the Lost At Home Podcast.

Episode 76 “The One With Bernie Sanders”


Feel the Bern this week as The Lost At Home Podcast sits down with Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. We ignore the issues and get to the matters Americans really care to know about, like:

Who is Bernie's favorite Ghostbuster? Can we ban the sugared diarrhea that is artificial maple syrup? And what's a weekend at Bernie's really like?

Later our good friend Bruce Bruce stops by and discusses all things Australia.

Feel the Bern on The Lost At Home podcast!

Episode 75 “The One From September 10, 2001″


Travel back in time with the Lost At Home Podcast as we pull one from the archives. September 10, 2001. What was going on in the world? Let Scott and Jeremiah take you on a trip down memory lane as they blast a shot of sweet, sweet nostalgia all up in your face.

Episode 74 “The Lost At Home Sampler”


What's the best way to handle racists on Facebook? Ever been burned Scalia style? Do you need a 21st century abortion? How much kickass Mario Bros. stuff can get jammed into one podcast? How about chicken f@#king? A funeral for a cat? How much does Twitter love to s#!t on E.L. James and can we ever get enough Shia Labeouf? Find it all out in this week's Lost At Home Sampler show.

Episode 73 “The One With Dan Harmon”


This week we sit down with Dan Harmon and talk all things Community and Rick & Morty. Will there be a Community season 7 and/or a movie? What does the future hold for Rick & Morty? What does Dan think about the new Star Wars movies?

And to round out the show, we take a look at some of the strangest foreign ripoffs of American television shows. Russian It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Iranian Modern Family and Dutch Golden Girls? All that and so much more on The Lost At Home Podcast.
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