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Episode 237 “The One With Michael Myers”


James Jude Courtney, Michael Myers/The Shape himself from the new Halloween movie, calls in to chat about what it takes to portray one of the most iconic movie villains of all time. James chats about how the opportunity came about, studying the nuances of Nick Castle’s original Shape and Danny McBride’s role on set before we dig into the 10 questions. There we’ll discover the lighter side of the man behind the Myers mask: Who is his favorite Ghostbuster, what keeps him up at night and is a hotdog a sandwich? Listen up, learn and get Lost!

Episode 236 “The One With Andy Mitton”


Andy Mitton, director of YellowBrickRoad and We Go On, Skypes in to talk about his new movie The Witch in the Window, which has been grabbing a lot of praise from critics and viewers alike. Between the interview and 10 questions, you'll hear about filming in New England, writing a movie for a house, what it takes to step into the realm of "elevated horror" (and why that term is nonsense), why Milky Ways are the poor man's Snickers, the awesomeness of Boogie Nights and haunting Mitch McConnell. Get Lost!

Episode 235 “Chaos Magic”


On week three of Halloween month, Scott digs into the creepy branches on his family tree and his love for chaos magic while Jer sits back and pretends to be the logical one for once. In Spider Web Droppings, a haunted house attraction leaves a patron screaming for more, archaeologists discover a fangtastic new child vampire burial site and a funeral home raises the roof, but in that way you raise a roof to stuff a bunch of bodies into. And Bruce Bruce and Jason Jr. are back with an update on their adventures down under in America. Get Lost!

Episode 234 “Am I Pretty?”


It's Halloween Month Week 2 and the evil spirits of technology get in the way of our scheduled interview with Lloyd Kaufman...or perhaps it was Patrick Leahy or net neutrality hating Internet companies, but either way Scott and Jer are left without a guest this week and instead riff on invisible germ clouds and ghosts that plant drugs on people. They also start a new segment that will continued on their Patreon page called “Horror Around the Globe.” First up is the Slit-Mouthed Woman of Japan. And don’t worry, we’ll be getting Lloyd back so stay tuned and get Lost!

Episode 233 “The Possession of Mr. Softee”

Snapseed.jpgIt’s the first official Halloween Week at Lost At Home and Scott and Jer are bringing all sorts of creepy, crawly stories to the table. First off, a series of negative reviews for the original Halloween movie from 1978. Then, in Spider Web Droppings, there are celebrity witches, a wolfman in the woods, casket contests and trees sprouting from human remains. And Bruce Bruce and Jason Jr. get lost down under in America and share their adventures after a quick discussion about creepy songs invading the world, from Ipswich to NYC. Get Lost!

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