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Episode 25 “The One With Darren Ewing of Troll 2″

July 30, 2014


OH MY GOD!!! The much promised, justifiably hyped Darren Ewing interview is finally here as a 25th episode special for all our listeners out there! Not only did Darren star in one of Lost At Home Podcast's favorite cult horror films, Troll 2, he is also a talented musician currently playing in Dizzy Desoto (www.dizzydesoto.com). We sit down and pick his brain about his work on Troll 2, discover his favorite Ghostbuster and Golden Girl (not the same person), and we attempt to understand dubstep together.

The rest of the show finds us digging an episode up from the archives, 1989 to be exact. Revisit a classic episode of the (then) Lost At Home Radio Hour where we touched on Urkel, Milli Vanilli, the Reagan years and made some astonishingly poor predictions. Tune in and remember to pump up the jam!