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Episode 40 “The One With Dino Stamatopoulos”

November 12, 2014


Moral Orel, Drinky Crow, Conan O'Brien, Mr. Show, Mary Shelley's Frankenhole...the list of amazing shows our guest Dino Stamatopoulos has been a part of goes on and on, and is truly worth geeking out over. Dino, who was also a writer and starred as Star-Burns on Dan Harmon's Community, was nice enough to give us his time to discuss his career, the upcoming Charlie Kaufman pic Anomalisa (produced by Starburns Industries), his time with Louis C.K., a new Triumph the Insult Comic Dog project and, of course, which Muppet is the most bangable. He also points us toward the musician Robbie Fulks to listen to; as the guy who got us into The Mountain Goats (via Moral Orel), we heed his advice and are far from disappointed.

As if that wasn't enough, we still have enough left in the tank to bring you web droppings about paranoid preachers, S&M restaurants, Winnie the Pooh gangbangs and dirt bag entrepreneurs. Just another day Lost At Home.