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Episode 49 “Dry Genitals: The Sexisode”

January 15, 2015


It's a Sexisode! This week, Lost At Home Podcast is your one stop shop for all things sex. Learn why women don't like looking at naked men (unless they have boners) and whey women prefer the smell of leather and gasoline to Axe Body Spray. Take a tour with us of some strange sex laws still on the books in the U.S. and then let's go globally bonin' as we take things international with some strange sex facts from around the world. In our Floridiots segment, a couple decides the best place to get it on is on top of a used Kia Sedona at a dealership. In Sex Droppings, a video game helps strengthen vaginas, another hot teacher doinks a student, and sometimes female ejaculate is just a whole lotta pee (according to studies). And thinking about sending a dick pic to that special someone? You might want to check out "I Saw Your Willy" beforehand to learn the dangers of doing such things.