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Episode 50 “The One With Kurt Cobain”

January 25, 2015


Due to legal issues we were unable to record a full show for you. We can't get into all the details, but fear not as we were able to dig up a real gem from the Lost At Home Radio Hour archives.

This time we head back to 1994, when grunge was king, flannel was the couture du jour, and everyone was loving Ace Ventura...almost everyone. In this blast from the past, brought to you by similes, we talk Donkey Kong Country, battle it out in a yo mama joke off, discuss the console wars of the day (Sega Saturn vs. Playstation), and GMOs make their debut to the masses with the Flavr Savr tomato. Of course the real highlight is the second half of our interview with the Godfather of Grunge himself, Kurt Cobain. He talks to us about his influences, sex, and more!